Sample Organ Recital Programmes (7)
Orlando Gibbons

The Best Finger of the Age

“The organ was touch’d by the best Finger of the Age. ...”

(The French Ambassador)

A lunchtime recital, illustrating the music of Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625), and pieces by other composers based on his tunes.

Gibbons A Fancy for a Double Organ
C.V. Stanford Two Preludes on themes of Orlando Gibbons:

  • Song 34 (The Angels’ Song)
  • Song 22
Eric Thiman Three Preludes on themes by Orlando Gibbons:
  • Song 13
  • Song 24
  • Song 1
Gibbons French Air and Alman
Ernest Bullock Improvisation on a tune by Orlando Gibbons (a simplified version of Song 13)
George Dyson Forth in thy name, O Lord, I go
Gibbons Fantazia of Foure Partes

Spoken Programme Introductions to this recital