Wedding Music

A traditional piece of organ music - calm and gentle.

Full Title Air on the G string (from the Orchestral Suite No. 3) by Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Notes Those of a certain age may recognise this as the music from the Hamlet Cigar Ad 1 - from the days when tobacco advertising was still allowed. The situation went wrong: for example, the bride didn't turn up at the wedding, and the groom relaxed with a Hamlet cigar and the feeling that everything will be alright, because he still has the cigar! For that reason, I usually play this piece when the bride is 20 minutes or more late. It usually gets a giggle. Originally for string orchestra.

Duration approx 5 minutes

Forces required

  • Organ alone
  • Instrumental Solo and Organ or Piano

Source of Printed Music Bach-Bearbitungen für Orgel - Sigfrid Karg-Elert, published by Edition Breitkopf 8532, 1989.

  1. This is a link to a Hamlet Cigar Ad on YouTube ↩︎

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