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This song from an opera is an engaging number, and well-known.

Full Title Ombra mai fu' (from the opera Serse) by George Frideric Handel (1685 - 1757)

Notes This beautiful song, often sung in churches, is from an opera. Serse seeks peace under his favourite tree and sing this aria to it. The song is, in fact, a paean of praise to the tree. (I suppose the words don't have to be printed in the programme!)


Performers required

  • Organ alone
  • Piano alone
  • Trumpet (or other melody instrument) accompanied by Organ or Piano
  • Soprano or Tenor soloist accompanied by Organ or Piano

Source of printed music to follow

Ombra mai fu
Di Vegetabile,
Care ed amabile
Soave piu.

Never has the shade of a plant been more dear, agreeable or sweet.

© Fergus Black

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