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Thy Perfect Love

Early Rutter married to a 15th century text.

Full Title Thy Perfect Love – John Rutter (b.1945)

Notes Early Rutter, written for a parish church choir at the request of a friend in 1974, to words some five hundred years older. It has an easy-flowing lilt, that allow the beautiful text to speak clearly to the modern listener.


Performers required

  • Choir accompanied by Organ or Piano

Source of printed music published by OUP

Jesu, my love, my joy, my rest,
Thy perfect love close in my breast.
That I thee love and never rest;
And make me love thee all things best,
And wounde my heart in they love free,
That I may reign in joy evermore with thee.

Words: Anonymous, 15th century English

© Fergus Black

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