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More Wedding Hymns

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Father, hear the prayer (t. Sussex)
For The Beauty Of The Earth (t. Englands Lane)
How welcome was the call (t. Sandys)
Jesus, Lord, we pray (t. Seelenbrautigam)
Let there be love shared
That Human Life Might Richer Be
The Grace Of Life Is Theirs (t. Harewood)
Common Praise No. 342

    Jesus, Lord, we pray,
    be our guest today;
gospel story has recorded
how your glory was afforded
    to a wedding day;
    be our guest we pray.

    Lord of love and life,
    blessing man and wife
as they stand, their need confessing,
may your hand take theirs in blessing;
    you will share their life;
    bless this man and wife.

    Lord of hope and faith,
    faithful unto death,
let the ring(s) serve as a token
of a love sincere, unbroken,
    love more strong than death;
    Lord of hope and faith.

Basil E. Bridge b.1927
This hymn is not found in Common Praise

How welcome was the call,
and sweet the festal lay,
when Jesus deigned in Cana’s hall
to bless the marriage-day!

And happy was the bride,
and glad the bridegroom’s heart,
for he who tarried at their side
bade grief and ill depart.

His gracious power divine
the water vessels knew;
and plenteous was the mystic wine
the wondering servants drew.

O Lord of life and love,
come thou again today,
and bring a blessing from above
that ne’er shall pass away.

Before thine altar-throne
this mercy we implore:
as thou dost knit them, Lord, in one,
so bless them evermore.


O Sacred Guest, Who at the feast of Cana
Didst with Thy presence hallow wedded love,
Thou of all love the author and sustainer
Be here to-day amongst us from above.

Give these thy servants grace to walk together,
The road that leadeth towards the gates of life,
And through the sunshine and the darksome weather
Be Thou the Guide of husband and of wife.

When troubles come and threatening clouds are o’er them
O draw them closer to themselves and Thee:
Take Thou their hands and ever go before them,
Till they their place in Paradise shall see.

O fill their lives with brightness and with gladness,
And in their home Thy presence may they know,
Smooth Thou life’s sorrows, sanctify its sadness,
From strength to strength, 0 Saviour, let them go.

And when at length, their time on earth is finished.
And at Thy feet in wondering awe they bow,
May they proclaim, with love all undiminished,
Lord, Thou hast kept the good wine until now. Amen.

Words by the Rev. Bernard Reynolds
Set to the tune St Barbara by G.C. Martin (1844-1916), 1913