The Barcarolle (from The Tales of Hoffmann) – Offenbach

from the opera Les contes d'Hoffmann (The Tales of Hoffmann). The opening of Act III, which takes place at Carnival, in Venice; Giuletta et Nicklausse declare their love.


Forces Required
soprano and mezzo with organ or piano

Barcarolle (Belle Nuit) from The Tales of Hoffmann – Offenbach

Organ arrangement by Ernest Newton, published by Cramer, n.d.
Belle nuit, o nuit d’amour,
Souris a nos ivresses,
Nuit plus donce que le jour,
O belle nuit d’amour!

Le temps fuit et sans retour
Emporte nos tendresses!
Loin de cet heureux sejour,
Le temps fuit sans retour

Zephyrs embrasés
Versez nous vos caresses;
Zephyrs embrasés
Donnez nous vos baisers.

Lovely night, oh night of love,
Smile upon our joys!
Night much sweeter than the day,
Oh beautiful night of love!
Ah! Smile upon our joys!
Night of love, oh night of love!

Time flies by, and carries away
Our tender caresses for ever!
Time flies far from this happy oasis
And does not return.

Burning zephyrs,
Embrace us with your caresses!
Burning zephyrs,
Give us your kisses!

Music by Jacques Offenbach (1819 – 1880)
Text by Jules Barbier (1825 – 1901)