From Purcell's semi-opera, The Fairy Queen, 1689, Z629/50e. The song is only 17 bars, which makes it a bit short - I bulk it up with some dances of the period, to make a kind of rondo.



They shall be happy (from The Fairy Queen) – Henry Purcell (1659-1695)
They shall be as happy, happy, as they're fair,
Love shall fill all the places of care;
And ev'ry time the Sun shall display his rising light,
It shall be to them a new Wedding day,
And when he sets a new Nuptial night.
Use William Long arrangement from cpdl.
Organ pieces: The St Catherine (Rigaudon) by John Barrett (found in Henry Purcell and his Contemporaries (Hinrichsen No.9) p.19 - green cover)
and 10. Hornpipe. Tune by John Eccles? Found in Henry Purcell Twenty Keyboard Pieces and one by Orlando Gibbons, edited by Davitt Moroney, ABRSM (blue cover)