"Flor Peeters' Wedding Song is a significant composition which enhances our relatively small store of excellent solo and choral music for church weddings. The beautiful words of Ruth (Ruth 1: 16-17) have been set to music often. Most settings are sentimental and no longer enjoy their former popularity. Bridal couples today prefer settings which are straightforward and least expressive of affectation. The harmonic purity and simple counterpoint emplyed by Dr. Peeters in his Wedding Song contribute to the beauty of his music and help to bring out in stronger relief the integrity of the text and the nobility of its sentiments. Compositions of this type enable us to convert weddings which otherwise are merely pretty into weddings which are truly beautiful."

Walter Buszin

Wedding Song, Op103a – Flor Peeters (1903 – 1986)



Forces required
Requires a soprano soloist in addition to the SATB choir and organ
Also for soprano and organ, without choir

Whither thou goest, there will I go also,
and where thou dwellest, there will I dwell.
Thy people be my people, and thy God mine, be mine!

Where thou diest, I too will die;
and where they lay thee, there will I be lain;
and nought but death shall part thee from me.

Song of Ruth