How much is having music at your wedding ceremony going to cost?
NB these prices are for the wedding ceremony only, not the reception.

Step 1 : How many musicians?

Decide how many musicians you want: for just an organist, Fergus’ fee is £120

You need an Organist or Pianist


Step 2 : Add soloists

Add £100 for each additional soloist


Step 3 : Choir

If you would like a choir of eight singers, please add £270 (if you are more than 30 miles from PE9 2EY please contact me)
Choir (8 singers) £ 270


Step 4 : Go See

Decide if an additional visit is needed (it is often necessary to visit a venue in advance, to check that the organ is appropriate to the music requested, and that sight-lines are clear, etc.)
If Yes, add a Go-see fee of £40.


Step 5 : Estimate Travel

If you are more than 30 miles from Stamford Post Office (PE9 2EY), we add travel at 50 pence per mile (there and back, so really £1 a mile - sorry). Within the local area, there is no travel charge.


Step 6 : Sitting Organist

Some churches charge a fee for their own organist, whether or not they play! This fee, which doesn’t come to us, would be in addition to our charges.


That’s It - no other charges. No VAT.

Terms and Conditions
The fee is payable in one month in advance. We require confirmation of bookings in writing, and we issue a contract.

© Fergus Black

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